Voice Acting Tip #2

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Voice Acting Tip #2

Post  bomberman61 on Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:11 pm

Today, we're going to teach you how NOT to blow out your microphone. In other words, this post is about puffing. It's harder to stop than it seems, especially if you have a headset mic and not a stand mic. How can one keep from making their P, B, T, and S's sound like Daffy Duck?

1. Speak away from the mic
It's a matter of placement. If your mouth is directly in front of or on top of your microphone, then every breath you take will be recorded clearer than the Sting song of the same name. Keep the mic off to the side of your mouth. That way, your exhales won't be made more prominent, especially in your recordings.

2. Take deep breaths and HOLD them
I've found that before I start my lines, it's beneficial to take a deep breath and hold it while you deliver your line. Having air behind you will help you project your lines clearer, but it will also give you more breath support to deliver your line without exhaling.

3. Speak more from the side of your mouth than the front
It's important to note that you don't speak COMPLETELY from the side of your mouth. You would sound a little silly. This also helps you speak away from the mic, and pushes the exhales away from the microphone.

4. Do multiple takes
That's just plain good advice anyway. When you have more takes, you can listen to your deliveries and see which works for the audition/part. In addition, it'll help you notice problem spots and words. (My biggest problem word is "besides.")

5. Practice, practice, practice!
You're not going to stop puffing after the first shot. I'm still puffing. I'm trying to take my own advice, as well. Keep working at it. You'll get lines where you knock them out of the park and you'll get lines where you sound like a mix of Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat, and Roger Rabbit. It's all in practice.

Hopefully, these will help a little in your puffing woes. Keep working at it, and you won't blow your mic out. Smile


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