Podcast #13 w/SuKi

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Podcast #13 w/SuKi

Post  Mochan on Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:04 am

We ask SuKi from the VAA some outdated questions that we asked her back in October. She tells us about her career, life and her instant cult classic hit, The Dominant. Mochan name drops, has no idea where she is in the time space continuum, and we talk about where our ideas for radioplays, and stories in general, come from. With your hosts, Mochan and Bomberman, featuring SuKi as our honored guest. Be sure to stay all the way till the end to hear a blooper. Smile



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Re: Podcast #13 w/SuKi

Post  Niko on Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:47 am

XDD Nice. No explanation needed for not having me on anymore, though ^_^ Take3 is you guys' baby. Though maybe I'll adopt the tag line "Niko the shunned" XD

I liked how you guys went in on writing things because writing is really an important part of the AVA world. No writers, no scripts, no radioplays! Oh no! So totally relevant, I'd have loved to have heard more. Maybe some tips on characterization or on the difference between having plots that move characters or characters that move plots.

I love that Suki also looked into the VAA because of finding fandubs. I'm far from alone in that~ Good luck, Suki, with your dreams!

Oh.... on the subject of long lost interviews, April Smith is still wondering when she's going to be on ^_~;;;

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