The Extra Special Anniversary Show!

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The Extra Special Anniversary Show!

Post  bomberman61 on Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:32 pm

Greetings, all! Take Three is on the verge of celebrating our first year anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that we started this little endeavor to make cool podcasts that hopefully have helped you out and entertained you all at once.

While trying to think of ways to celebrate the year anniversary that didn't involve the words "gone" and "wild," we came up with the idea to put the decision in your hands. So, dear members...we know you've downloaded every episode of the Take Three Podcast. We know you listen to them and laugh at them. We know you enjoy them.

What are your favorite parts? What shows gave you the warm fuzzy feeling that one only gets when laughing at something ridiculously funny?

Basically, what are your favorite moments from the first year of the Take Three podcasts?

Come up with as many memories as you want and maybe...just'll get to hear them all in one clip show. Very Happy


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