Harmless Rules

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Harmless Rules

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 05, 2008 9:51 pm

We're not big on laying down the law since this is a very laid back and fun community, but every forum should abide by some basic rules:

1. Don't be an ass - Being nice will get you far in the world.
2. Respect all members - This should be obvious, but please have respect for your fellow members and try not to call them names or put them down.
3. PM if you have any problems - If you have a problem with a member, post or any other concerns, please PM a Moderator or Admin. Do not post in the topic, it will only cause more problems for you and for us.
4. No double posting - If you want to add something to your post and no one has posted below you, please use the edit button to add whatever else you wanted to say. It makes the forums look less messy.
5. No spamming - Example:

Person 1: So, I think that controlling puffing would be a great thing to talk about in your podcast!
Person 2: I agree. I have a lot of trouble with that.
Person 3: I have a lot of trouble with my cat. Hes always getting into the cupboard.
Person 1: Ok...so, what would you recommend to control puffing?
Person 3: I don't know, but I sure do love my cat. Wanna see pictures of my cat? It's sooooooo cute!!!!

Person 3 is what we consider to be spamming.

That is all. Do not let these rules discourage you from posting. Please enjoy Take Three.


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